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5 Taurus Season Dates To Manifest Your Magic

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Written By Leona Moon

It’s time to smell the flowers—Taurus season is almost here! We kick off Taurus season with a bevy of planets moving through the sensual zodiac sign: the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. With so much of the sky focused on the Bull’s focused energy—how can we expect this energy to manifest?

Typically Taurus season is all about reigniting a relationship with our senses, values, and self-worth. It’s the perfect time to indulge yourself and find the beauty in the mundane. This year’s Taurus season arrives with some twists and turns, as Uranus, the planet of surprise and sudden events, plays a heavy influence on this season’s energy. We won’t just be sticking with what we know—we will be re-evaluating and asking ourselves if there is space to change gears and where can we grow from new perspectives.

The next 30 days will certainly be full of surprises thanks to Uranus, but as a collective, Uranus wants to remind us that we haven’t figured it out, and change ultimately is good. It’s time to tap into our innovative side and press forward in new ways. Taurus is a sign that’s all about manifestation and there’s certainly practical magic to be found throughout the sun’s tour in Taurus. Below are five dates during Taurus season that you won’t want to miss! (With Astrology, you can sync these dates with your phone to receive reminders on the astrological weather in real time!)

April 22—Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Venus, the planet of values and affection, syncs with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. When these two planets meet up in the sky, we experience a shift. What are we not focusing on that we should be? Which of our core values actually matter, but on a collective level?

There is a powerful alignment that happens when Uranus meets any of the more personal planets. Venus is also representative of equality and justice, and Uranus wants to remind us that change is needed. You may find yourself reflecting on your values related to social justice work on a collective level. On a personal level, this is the perfect time to try something new. It’s our ability to embark on new journeys or explore new hobbies, that allow us to grow. And there’s certainly magic in the growth process.

April 26—Full Moon in Scorpio: This full moon is all about shedding. Sure, all full moons are about release, but the Taurus-Scorpio axis reminds us of what we carry in the physical world and what we carry in our psyche. An important process for manifestation is release and purging. How can we hold space for something new if we don’t let go of what no longer serves us? This is a perfect day to declutter your home, make a donation, and take mental inventory of what’s yours to keep and what is someone else’s responsibility. Sometimes the simplest of magic is a shift in perspectives and boundaries.

May 2—Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: Words carry weight under this transit. Pluto’s influence is powerful, intense, and transformative. But Pluto’s ability to alchemize is magic in itself. This is a fantastic day to write out a list of intentions and take a small step toward your goals after. Mercury is the scribe in astrology—so writing our manifestations, or carving sigils in candles are both powerful ways to tap into this transformative energy. When Mercury and Pluto meet our words and thoughts carry influence, so, how will you wield your power?

May 13—Jupiter enters Pisces: This celestial event only happens once every 12 years! Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, growth and travel, enters Pisces, one of its home signs. Jupiter thrives in Pisces—it’s eager for exploration both on the physical front, but also on the mental and psychic planes. If you’re vaccinated, this is a great time to plan an actual trip (safely, of course), as we’ll likely see more parts of the country and world opening up. Jupiter in Pisces is also a direct link to higher learning. If you’ve been wanting to tap into your spiritual gifts or find a direct link to source, the next few weeks, before Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius, is the perfect time to dive deep and not look back.

May 19—Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius: Taurus season is ripe with manifestations coming to life. Its physical expression can be likened to spring when the flowers begin to bloom. So, which of your burning ideas are you ready to bring into the tangible world? With Venus, our planet of desires, and Saturn, the planet of structure, meeting in air signs, this is a fantastic time to bring a written project to life: poetry, articles, writing thank you cards for those you care about, a list of gratitude, or even sending an important email. Saturn’s energy provides the tenacity and dedication to bring your most beloved project to life—as long as you take direct action.


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