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7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy As an Empath

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Are you an empath? Do you enter into a room and you can feel the energy of the room?

You have to discern between empathy and sympathy. Empathy is where you feel into other people’s emotions. Sympathy is where you just have compassion. But having a lot of empathy means that you start embodying other people’s feelings and what they are going through.

There is a difference between empathy and sympathy. Empathy is feeling the emotions of others and sympathy is where you have compassion. But having empathy means that you start embodying other people’s feelings and what they are going through. The globe is filled with so much energy that it’s impossible to avoid contact with the energy of others. However, some can manage it far better than others. You may bump into someone who may push your limits.

1.Fix your issues first

Put your mental health first. Focus on what you need to fix internally before you try to fix others and stop taking everything so personally. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Speak your mind

Speak your mind, and don’t feel guilty for doing so. Don’t allow people to dump all their problems on you in an emotional drive-by. Don’t stay silent if you are uncomfortable. As soon as you fail to speak up, you surrender to absorbing all of their energy.

3. Not everyone is your responsibility

You can’t control the responses of other people to you, their behaviour and how they feel. Once you accept this, you release the burden of carrying the behaviour of another person on your back. This prevents you from absorbing other people’s energy. It is not personal, so you should stop punishing yourself with guilty self-talk.

4. Change your surroundings

Not only do our surroundings alter our DNA, but our perception also alters our DNA. Your surroundings alter your feelings and your perception of self dictates who you are. You need to take full ownership for where you locate yourself. When you locate yourself in a place that complements your own energy, you start to manifest positive outcomes.

5. Abandon your need for approval

You don’t need the approval of others. Throughout our lives we are programmed to search for external validation, which is why we so readily absorb the energy of others. Because our lack of approval makes us feel frustrated. Stop caring about this and it creates a more powerful shield for your positive energy.

6. Consciously manage who enters and exits your life

Who can really enter your life without your permission? You invite every single person into your life.

We are consciously or subconsciously inviting people into our lives, and we remind ourselves of this every day when we actively control who enters our life.

You have the inner strength to choose whether or not you want to invite a particular person into your sanctuary, which is your internal being.

7. Create your own reality and protect it

We often start the day filled with energy, but misuse it giving it to the people and our surroundings that are sometimes undeserving. Causing us to feel tired at crucial times.

You need to discern between those who fill you with energy and those who drain you of your energy. We often call people who drain your energy “Energy Vampires”.

They can be anyone in your life, and being close to you does not make them exempt from using your energy to survive. They may be a temporary energy vampire or a perpetual energy vampire.

A temporary vampire may just be going through a hard time and needs your support. It’s the perpetual energy vampires that you need to strongly consider avoiding distancing yourself from if it’s having an effect on you.

Some are willing to change and work on themselves. Others are not. To identify them you must ask yourselves, does this person make me feel energized or drained?

Don’t feel guilty for avoiding these people, no matter how close you are to them. Because at the end of the day, it is a form of self-care.

When you help yourself, you are able to help others around you.

When you give someone attention, you are giving them energy. You have to change your focus to stop absorbing the energy of others.

Remember to take your focus away from what you fear and focus on what you want.

Your thoughts create your reality. This makes it crucial to protect yourself from harmful energy. If you feel like there is negative energy surrounding you, get a psychic reading today to find out how you can stop getting drained:



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