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Are You Reducing Your Needs In Your Relationship and Avoiding The Tough Conversations?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Are you avoiding making your voice heard in your relationship out of fear of causing trouble in the relationship. Is the relationship serving you if you suffer in silence.

If you are the one who is in a one sided relationship, always making a commitment but don’t want to voice this out of fear of causing a problem, you could be minimising your needs.

Your need for structure and quality connection with the man you are in love with is reduced significantly and this is something people do a lot. Most commonly when they are afraid to lose a person.

This is where our needs turn into inconveniences. It is not necessary to let this happen to you on the important things in your life. Your core needs are essential to your joy in a relationship, so don’t let it turn into an inconvenience in your mind. Take time to recognise if you are invested into someone else's frame.

The purpose of this article is for you to ask yourself, “Am I happy to be in a relationship where I have to minimise my needs?”.

A conversation may be needed with your partner, and the key to conducting it is to first become content with the worst case scenario, which is parting ways.

Also consider if this person is right for you if they can’t meet your needs anyway. Ideally, they will respond positively to the conversation and be receptive to your request for more quality time, stability, and interest in making plans. If they respond positively it will confirm your beliefs about them being right for you.

So if you are ever in a situation where acknowledging a core need has led you to the end of that relationship, you should not mourn the love you thought you lost. You should have relief that you are out of a relationship which brought stress, anxiety and constant one sided compromises instead of the relationship you really want.

Fear makes us avoid difficult conversation. We don’t want to lose something we can’t live without. The key is to build our confidence to the point that we can lose anything and still be happy. When you are confident we can say no to anything that’s not right for us and never settle for less.

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