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Chances Are You Have Dated These Two Toxic People?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We all have two types of people from our past that cause us pain presently. We separate the bad ones from the good ones.

With the bad ones, it started as someone you were really attracted to. Perhaps you were love bombed and then they disappeared. If we get led on we develop an idea of this person and think they are selfish or a narcissist.

Turning someone into this evil character is more a reflection of the amount of power we’ve given someone than how terrible they are. We shouldn’t give people that much power.

Although people may have hurt you to a significant level, turning them into demons allows them to live in your head rent free. You don’t need a final word from this person to give you closure. Your disinterest is closure.

Then there are the good ones, or the ones that got away. They can really do a number on you. They may say they love you but can’t be with you. Even though you don’t have this person you are left with beautiful memories and a righteous perception of this person and their nature and why you couldn’t be together.

You might see yourselves as perfect together, if there wasn’t this obstacle that they told you about, which prevents you from being together.

One could argue that the good and bad person are the same with different exit plans. The bad person that ghosted us wanted to avoid a difficult conversation altogether and the good person didn't want the relationship but still wants to be heroic and seen as righteous on the way out.

Above all else, these two people are just human. The bad person is not an evil mastermind and the good person is not an angel. Remember all the things the good person told you and ask yourself, if I felt that way about somebody, would I do the same things.

If the answer is no, then either they say things that they don't mean or they have completely different needs, standards and values from your own.

This is enough reason to disqualify this person from the fantasy position of your future spouse. Good and bad: disconnect from both types of archetypes and recognise that everybody is flawed and we can find beauty in these flaws.

Although you may not be together anymore, they may comeback. Get insight into what this person is thinking of you from a free live psychic reading, with one of our experts right now:

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