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How To Stop Anxiety From Destroying Your Love Life

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

If we find ourselves being anxious in our relationship, we may see things that we don’t like because we are triggered by past events that had perceived negative outcomes.

You can quickly conjure up a story about what is happening. Your boyfriend may go out to a social gathering and not answer his phone. This could trigger your anxious side and cause you to latch onto thoughts that make your imagination to run wild.

Your boyfriend going out turns into, maybe he’s talking to another girl, or maybe he's cheating on me right this second.

It won't be long until jealousy and rage enter your spirit and thoughts of not feeling good enough start to creep in and linger. They may even return from a past relationship.

Your partner may be innocent but before they get a chance to explain. You’re ready for confrontation because the negative feelings of not being enough turn to anger.

The anger causes us to go on offense with our favourite tools. This might be sarcasm, pulling back, or aggression.

Your partner is probably not perceptive enough to see the hurt going on with you under the veil. All they see is you acting badly or brandishing your tools. This causes them to go on defence.

They can’t help you heal if they are preoccupied with dodging your bullets.

Because you don’t allow them to be there for you in your time of anxiety, they are focused on defending themselves which builds up animosity.

A key element of a relationship is making one another feel protected. It’s not fair to blame someone for not being able to handle your attacks. We have to take personal responsibility

For communicating our wounds in an authentic way, that doesn’t attack the other person but gives them a chance to be there for us whenever we are feeling anxious. If your response to being hurt is to hurt your partner, you might never see their true potential in coming to your aid.

If you have been feeling anxious in your relationship, there may be a serious reason for it that you are not yet conscious of. Get in touch with a psychic today. You don’t need to face this problem alone.



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