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Is My Boyfriend Cheating? 10 Signs your Partner or Husband is cheating on you? Ft Derrick Jaxn

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The recent exposure of the radical feminist, Christian relationship guru, and author Derrick Jaxn as a serial cheater, has left many women feeling duped. Despite the power of divine feminine intuition, wolves in sheep's clothes often go undetected when they target those who are emotionally vulnerable.

Jaxn has made large amounts of money, handing out his ‘relationship advice’ on youtube where he takes a hard stance against men who cheat, despite filming those same videos outside the houses of his secret mistresses, while his wife and kids were at home.

This short guide will reveal some signs and red flags to take note of when you suspect that your significant other may be unfaithful.

1. You can feel them pulling back or becoming emotionally distant

A solid relationship needs communication and empathy to prompt emotional intimacy. One key sign of an affair is your partner finding every excuse to be away from you.

Emotional unavailability is a common relationship problem, so it’s not always a clear confirmation of infidelity. Remember that effort, and counseling can fix this problem.

2. They are gone for longer periods than they used to be

Something as simple as being gone more often, while making extra effort in appearance is a telltale sign of cheating. For example, your partner has significantly more work shifts, calls and texts at unsociable hours and constant business trips, and “events with friends”.

They could in fact be creating time to spend with another person. Even if they are not cheating, this could be a sign that they are losing interest in you.

3. They Pretend to Suspect that you are cheating

Yes, we know this one is bizarre, but it is a classic strategy that guilty cheating partners use to hide their own infidelity. The idea is to flip the conversation by accusing you of cheating.

That way they can throw you off their trail by looking like someone who values loyalty. Remember that it is not always manipulation. There is a chance that they have become jaded and are genuinely suspicious because they are witnessing from experience that someone can get away with cheating.

4. They seem overly fixated on your whereabouts

A sign of cheating is probing you for a detailed daily schedule about where you’ll be and timing. What time are you going to be home? When are you with your girlfriends?

There’s a difference between having a general knowledge of your whereabouts and trying to find time slots to disappear with another person. They might be trying to make sure they are not caught red-handed.

5. They get more protective over their personal belongings

It’s common for a cheating partner to get sensitive over personal items such as their phone, car, or living space. Did we say phone? Okay, we did. Just checking.

Look for a change in behavior like taking the phone into the shower when they used to leave it out or switching it off or on to silent when they hadn’t done that before.

6. Your senses are sending you signals

For example, your sense of smell can give you everything you need to figure out that something is up. Unusual smells can be a signal. For instance, noticing a perfume on your partner that isn’t yours may indicate some mischief is taking place.

Also look out for women's belongings that are not yours, or an unexplained 2nd toothbrush at his house among many other things.

7. Your partner is telling unnecessary white lies

Little lies may turn up about other, insignificant things. While cheating is a huge damaging lie, your partner may have to tell many minor lies in order to cover up the affair.

They may have trouble keeping their stories straight and struggle to keep track of the things they told you and the things they told their affair partner.

There may be a different reason why they are continuously lying, but this issue should be addressed either way.

8. Sex is lacking intimacy and connection

Sex is a key element in a healthy relationship. When one partner drifts here, it is usually the first place you notice trouble. Look out for your partner feigning interest during arousal.

You may notice your partner feels distant during the act or get sudden outbursts in energy but with no connection. Your partner may be imagining their lover instead of you in these instances.

9. They have changed their personality or attitudes

Your partner may have a sudden change in personality or attitudes. For example, they used to argue but suddenly they gave up or don’t care anymore. It could be a signal they/ve checked out are saving their emotional energy for someone else.

When you have alternative options, you are less impacted by issues in your relationship. You could mistakenly interpret this as growing more patience, but it is a common signal that they are distracted by someone else.

10. You can feel it in your gut

Getting clear signs is ideal, but there’s also the plain fact that your gut reveals something isn’t right. You know your partner's giveaways better than anyone. So don’t doubt your instincts.

If something feels wrong - if your partner is acting weird, leaving you with that uneasy feeling in your gut when they mention someone new that they met. They may just have a passing obsession, but it could be a clue that there is more going on than an innocent crush.

In conclusion

Not every read flag points to cheating. You must keep this in mind before you make an accusation. It is very important that you get clear answers from a psychic reader today, that can read into your personal situation, rather than clasping at straws.

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