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May’s Astrology Forecast Is Life-Changing: Jupiter Enters Pisces And Eclipse Season And Mercury

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The astrology forecast for May is extremely powerful and life-changing!

Ending with the supermoon in Scorpio and the retrograde turn of powerful Pluto, the last days of April kicked off the beginning of a major period of transformation. That was just the beginning, as the great amount of change we are experiencing will be continued by May’s astrological events. Bringing the first eclipse season of the year, the beginning of two important retrogrades, and the awaited sign shift of Jupiter, May is one of the pivotal months of 2021!

The month begins on a mellow note as Venus and Mercury positively connect with Neptune and Pluto on May 2, allowing our deepest desires—or perhaps something close to our heart—to reach the possibility of manifestation. This is the perfect day to launch new products or projects, as well as talking about uncomfortable subjects.

Mercury enters Gemini on May 3, where it will stay until July 27 due to its retrograde, which begins on May 29. When in Gemini, swift Mercury works at its very best, helping us formulate a wide variety of ideas and points of view.

Right after its entrance in the diurnal sign that it rules, Mercury forms a square with mighty Jupiter in Aquarius on May 4, awakening and activating our minds. However, with so much air energy (the moon will be in Aquarius on that day), we will need to keep our feet on the ground and prevent our egos from flying too high. The sun will be squaring Saturn on May 4 as well, so watch your mouth around authority figures during this time.

A Fun, Fickle Venus & Moon Goddess Energy

May 8 brings a big shift in the overall feminine energy as Venus leaves its home sign of Taurus to enter Gemini. In this air mutable sign, Venus becomes all about variety and intellectual stimulation, preferring long conversations over sensorial experiences. While flighty and fickle, Venus in this breezy air sign provides wit, curiosity, and adaptability to matters of love, beauty, and money.

Also on May 8, asteroid Ceres leaves Aries to enter Taurus, which in a way, it’s an ideal ingress to replace the goodies that Venus in Taurus was bestowing upon us for the past weeks. As the asteroid of nurturance, the transit of Ceres through Taurus reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Ceres will remain in Taurus until August 1, and will also bring the perfect terrain to work on our finances in the form of long-term investment. After all, besides being nurturing, earthy Taurus is also a money-making sign!

The next big event of the month is the May 11 new moon, which occurs at 22 degrees of Taurus. This lunation is a real powerhouse, and an incredible time to set intentions around something that relates to our deepest desires or that require long-term transformation. For starters, the moon is exalted in Taurus and can work her magic at her very best. Secondly, this moon is almost exactly conjunct Black Moon Lilith and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Being two of the darkest and deeply secretive influences, their presence hints at a witchy feminine energy and psychic perception being present during this time.

Jupiter Enters Pisces

The absolute best transit of May’s astrology forecast is the shift of Jupiter. The planet of abundance and expansion, enters Pisces, its traditional home sign. Although Jupiter will only stay here until July 28 (due to its retrograde motion), this short visit brings the promise of more empathy, open-mindedness, and fluidity in our lives. On a personal level, we will all experience growth in the area of our chart that is ruled by Pisces—and the next few months should not be ignored when it comes to investing our efforts here.

On that same day, the Taurus sun will reach out to Neptune in Pisces by forming an opportune sextile, making this one of the best days to manifest our wildest dreams into reality. Today, allow yourself to embody your inner Pisces, and allow yourself to dream BIG!

By confidently trusting your instincts, you are on the right path, especially because the following days support you in making real efforts in manifesting the life that you want. On May 17, the sun will trine Pluto, and on May 19, Venus will trine Saturn. Translated, this means you have the support from the universe—and it’s up to you to take advantage of this golden opportunity!

May’s Astrology Forecast Gets Intense as Gemini Season Arrives

May’s astrology forecast gets intense around midmonth! On May 20, the sun leaves Taurus to enter mutable air sign Gemini, bringing a shift in the planetary energy. Gemini season will be quite intense from the get-go, as just one day later, the Gemini sun clashes with Jupiter. On top of that, Mercury enters in conflict with Neptune on Pisces. This is not a time to trust what your ego is telling you, when acting impulsively could end up hurting your relationships.

These are days are definitely to take it easy and shut your mouth instead of taking risks. Especially because two days later, the May 26 supermoon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius rises in the sky. Secondly, Venus clashes with shady Neptune (May 27), and Mercury retrograde begins (May 29). Tensions will be high, misunderstandings will abound, and confusion will reign.

Eclipses are time-traveling, super-powerful lunations that create change by opening and closing doors. If something or someone leaves your life around this time, trust that it will be in your best interest—regardless of if it seems like it or not. Eclipses are the way the universe creates change, and does it in a non-negotiable manner. Even more so, be aware that the story is not over yet, as two weeks later, a new moon and solar eclipse will come around, this time bringing a powerful new beginning.


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