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Pluto’s Retrograde Journey Is All About Taking Our Power Back

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Written By Lisa Stardust

In astrological terms, Pluto is one of the most intense and powerful planets circling the cosmos. With themes focusing on our deepest selves, psychology, transformation, and the subconscious, this archetype can feel intimidating to some. While Pluto’s energy isn’t the most comfortable, it definitely is necessary, especially when it comes to making changes and evolving.

Since this retrograde is occurring in Capricorn, we’ll be dealing with matters involving karma, structure, and stability—both on personal and collective levels. You may also find that you are more career- and status-oriented right now, and will likely feel eager to get rid of any obstacles that are preventing you from thriving professionally.

What Does Pluto Retrograde Mean?

During Pluto’s retrograde journey in 2021, you’ll gain clarity on the things that are no longer working for you, so you can release them and move forward as an improved version of yourself. You must do the work necessary to transform during this time, or you could end up stuck in a rut.

When Is Pluto Retrograde?

Since Pluto is so far away from us in the solar system, its retrogrades can last for quite a while. Pluto will begin its retrograde journey on April 27, at 26°48’ of Capricorn. This retrograde will last a little over five months, until it stations direct on October 6, at 24°19’ of Capricorn

What Aspects Will Pluto in Capricorn Make in 2021?

Pluto will make several aspects during its backwards motion, but there are a few you may want to keep your eye on. Only a few days after going retrograde, Pluto will make helpful aspects to Mercury, the moon, and then Venus—giving us a soft landing as we ease into this energetic shift. This will be a good time to purge your closet or get rid of old stuff from around the house.

On May 17, a positive aspect to the sun will lend us some major transformative energy, so don’t be afraid to step into new roles that can benefit you in the long run. June 5 could be an especially tense day as a T-square between Pluto, the moon, and Mars form. If you’ve been slacking on your responsibilities or acting recklessly, today could be the day you pay for it.

Relationships will be tested on June 23, when Pluto and Venus face off in the sky, and any partnerships that aren’t serving your highest good could fall apart. Check yourself on July 17, when Pluto opposes the sun, and make sure you’re not avoiding any changes you need to be working on. Luckily, on September 17, a trine to the sun will bring some gentle releasing energy, so you can finally leave the past behind.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Affected by Pluto Retrograde?

Some signs will have an easier time with this retrograde than others. While both Scorpio and Capricorn will feel this energy very closely, the vibrations from it are ones they’re used to working with. This can be to their benefit. As a mutable sign, Pisces shouldn’t have much of a problem going along with this transformative ride.

Virgo is always up for a challenge, especially if it means things can be improved or fixed! In terms of signs that will face the most challenge—Gemini and Leo will likely be the most thrown off balance, while Aries and Taurus could feel tested, as well. Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will want to take things in stride, as this retrograde could become quite intense for these members of the zodiac.

Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign:


You’re known for loving your freedom, dear Ram, but this retrograde will ask you to look at what that actually means. If you’ve been avoiding making certain career moves, because you’re afraid of being chained to your profession, the universe might have something to say about that right now. It’ll be important that you use this time to figure out how to reach your full professional potential. Responsibility can be scary, but it is braver to face it head-on, rather than run from it.


Security and stability are important to you, making you a bit of a creature of habit. This retrograde is going to ask you to mix things up in ways you’re not always prepared for. Luckily, your spirituality and connection to the universe can see you through this retrograde. That is, if you’re willing to interact and trust the other side. Spend some extra time meditating and going within, and you’ll come out of this retrograde feeling enlightened and energized. Relationships or jobs may fall to the wayside, but the opportunity for internal growth is endless.


Your relationships could feel a little intense during this retrograde, and while others may be going internal, you’ll want to talk about your feelings. It could be difficult giving others their space, when you’re in the mood to connect, but try not to take it personally. Everyone will be sorting through their own emotions, and sometimes it comes at the cost of socialization. Schedule some time for yourself, and don’t be afraid to release people or situations that are no longer serving you. There’s a lot of transformative energy on the table, but only you can decide to grab it.


This retrograde might not be that easy on you, little Crab. With Pluto placed in Capricorn, on the opposite end of the zodiac wheel, you’ll be directly confronted with the energy of this retrograde. It’ll be time for you to face any personal or professional issues you’ve been avoiding, and your romantic life could get a little shake, as well. Lessons around boundaries and communication will be important right now, and you may need to set some in order to gain some time to yourself.


Your work-life balance could come into play this retrograde, and you may need to examine your time management and perhaps even your sleep patterns. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends this year, you may begin to feel the effects on your physical and mental health during Pluto’s retrograde journey. Try to map about your obligations in a way that allows you to have a full career and home life, otherwise, you could miss out on having it all!


You’re a little bit of a perfectionist, dear Virgo, which is why this retrograde could go in either direction for you. On one hand, you’re always up for change, if it means things will run more efficiently. While on the other hand, you sometimes will hesitate to break away from your habits, if they’ve been working for you so far. Allow yourself to try new techniques and even play in the creative realms a bit. By exploring new things, your mind will open up to new ways in which you can improve upon your current structures and routines.


This retrograde will have you focused on your home life. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new place to live, encounter situations with the roomies, or need to finally clean out the guest room—change is brewing. If you’re unhappy in your current living situation, things could get worse during this retrograde, if you’re not willing to put in the work to change the dynamic. Take steps to make your home the sanctuary you deserve, even if that involves purging your beloved closet.


You’re no stranger to going deep and transforming, which is exactly why this retrograde won’t be so bad for you! Sure, there could be days when you’re feeling a bit more pensive than normal, but you’re not afraid to go inward—even if gets a little dark. The way you think about certain people or situations could change, but it’s all in the name of your personal evolution. Don’t be afraid of communicating your thoughts and sentiments right now, especially if it’s with people you hope to grow with.


Everyone adores you for being the freedom-loving, adventurous Archer you are, which is why this retrograde could get a little funky for you. While your heart wants to move without restriction, Pluto in Capricorn is pushing you to prioritize your responsibilities. For as generous as you are, this may not be the time to over-spend on others (or even yourself). Tighten up your finances during this retrograde, and make plans to pay off any debt from the past that’s been hanging over your head.


With Pluto hanging out in your sign, this retrograde will be a direct hit for you. What you prioritize will come into play during this time, which could result in a bit of a shift for you. Examine what your goals are while Pluto moves through this retrograde, then acknowledge how much work you’re actually putting into them. If you realize you’re not working hard enough, it may be time to make some lifestyle changes. However, if you’re working too hard, consider taking a breather to regroup and restructure your game plan.


Your sign is known for being a bit of a radical, with visions on how humanity can band together for change. During this retrograde, you may become even more aware of how society needs to evolve. Pluto’s energy will hit you deep in the feels, which could weigh you down if you’re not careful. When you’re feeling blue about the world, do something to take action toward causes you feel passionate about. By placing energy in the change you want to see, you’ll feel better about your place in this world.


If your friendship circle needs a facelift, this retrograde could be the catalyst for any changes that need to occur. Take some time to consider which of your friends and acquaintances are supportive and positive, versus the ones who aren’t. It’s okay to step back from people who don’t have your best interests at heart. The more positivity you surround yourself with, the more you will rise up in this world and your community. If you’re looking to expand your group of pals, consider enrolling in an art class, or find a special interests group to help connect you with like-minded individuals.


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