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These Sex Positions Are Best For Aries

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

An Aries sex drive is not just hot-and-heavy, it’s also spontaneous! Why do you think Aries and Gemini compatibility is so high? They can’t help but mix things up in the bedroom. Whether it’s a new position or an in-the-moment rendezvous, fiery Aries (born between March 21 and April 19) is notorious for childlike, energetic, playful, and, at times, impatient nature in the bedroom.

At the same time, Aries’ between-the-sheets style is fueled by the cardinal sign’s key planet, go-getter Mars (which rules energy, sports, strength, sex, and courage). There’s very little the Ram won’t try at least once. They’ll be drawn to anything a bit rough, competitive, or even exhibitionistic—and may struggle with a sexual practice that requires concentration or time (like tantric sex).

Here are five sex positions that any Aries will adore and will set out to master.

Reverse Cowgirl or Cowboy

How to do it: Just as the name suggests, reverse cowgirl—or cowboy—is basically the classic woman- or man-on-top position reversed, with the rider facing away from their partner who’s lying on their back. Taking a classic position and reversing it initially seem like NBD, but it actually takes athleticism and quad strength to make it work. Flaunting both of those traits and proving they’re more advanced than less fit or “vanilla” couples will certainly appeal to an Aries.


How to do it: Partner #1 stands with his or her feet together and knees slightly bent. Near partner #1’s feet should be a pillow where partner #2 can press her elbows. Then, partner #1 takes ahold of #2’s ankles, with knees bent, and can penetrate from behind. A whole bunch of factors go into making this challenging position work, from strength to balance to partner #2 simply being cool with blood rushing to her head. But a gung-ho Aries would most definitely be up to the task of experimenting with Plow.

The Bridge

How to do it: The partner who’s doing the penetrating sits with his knees bent and hands behind him. Then, the riding partner sits in a classic cowgirl position but throws his legs over partner #1’s shoulders and his arms around his neck. Partner #1 then rises gradually into a bridge pose, booty off the ground and back parallel to the floor, after which both partners can move up and down however feels right. This seriously dynamic position requires whoever is on the bottom to have a phenomenal core, back strength, and balance. But a fitness-obsessed Aries will love putting their powerful body to use in this position.


How you do it: This one is basically missionary, but the partner who’s on the bottom rests his or her lower legs/calves on the topping partner’s shoulders. Eagle not only allows lovers to stare deeply into one another’s eyes and/or kiss, which can bring an enjoyable layer of softness and sensuality to an active, exciting set-up that will hold Aries’ attention. Plus, it’s the perfect position for a quickie—which a fast-paced, on-the-go Aries loves.


How to do it: For this one, a couple stands face-to-face and the one doing the penetrating (#1) picks the other (#2) up. Partner #2 bends her knees and presses her legs on either side of #1’s body, as #1 holds onto their ankles or bottoms of their feet. Partner #2 can wrap her arms around #1’s neck for more support before going for it. This standing sex position requires both partners be fit and fired up, so it’s a no-brainer for an ambitious Aries.

Art by Marissa Cuevas


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