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Weekly Horoscope: May 3 – 9, 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


May starts on a talkative note when Mercury (planet of communication) enters Gemini on Monday, making even the most introverted sign chatty. Mercury is at home in Gemini, making us curious, flexible, and extra flirty (*wink*). Get ready because Mercury will be in the sign of the Twins for a long time and will be keeping us on our toes.

When the flurry of Gemini’s energy gets to be too much, things become a little more grounded when Venus (planet of love) in Taurus trines Pluto (planet of transformation) in Capricorn on Thursday, bringing stability during unexpected shake-ups.

The week ends on a very flirtatious note when Venus enters energetic Gemini on Saturday. For the next four weeks the motto will be “variety is the spice of life” as we become breezy, curious, and adaptable when it comes to love and money. While this is a great time to start a spring fling or learn something new, this is not the time to commit yourself to anything. We’ll be feeling very fickle.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Good news! The planet of communication is entering your communication zone, Aries. It’s a great time to make your efforts known at work or home. When Venus and Pluto make a trine, you might see a promotion.


Keep your mind on your money. This week, the communication planet moves into your sector of value—so you’re finding ways to get quick wins with cash. But over the weekend, anxiety around money could arise, seeing as Venus moves into an intimate part of your chart.


It’s your time to shine. All the planets seem to be congregating in your sign—making you feel empowered, witty, and self-confident. Use this week, as Venus makes a trine to Pluto, to overcome a past romantic trigger.


Being a Cancer means that you’re not naturally the first person to speak up. And thank goodness for that, since Mercury enters Gemini in your privacy zone. Secrets could be revealed (or shared at the wrong time), so it’s best to. Keep your mouth shut!


Your friendship zone is getting lit up with Venus moving into Gemini. This is the best time for social events and gatherings, Leo. Venus makes a trine with Pluto later in the week—and your focus turns to work.


Mercury is moving into your career zone, giving you some major cred in the networking world—especially since Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet! Use this time to climb the social ladder and make your way up in the ranks.


The planet of communication is encouraging you to branch out and learn something new, Libra. This is a time to deep-dive into that thirst for knowledge. Over the weekend, financial strains could occur—but your family is there to help.


Mercury is moving into your intimacy zone. So, when it comes to talking about your feelings? This is the time, Scorpio. You’re not one to divulge what’s happening in your heart. But this transit makes it so easy you hardly think about it.


Mercury is making your relationships wittier, Sagittarius. So, flirt, banter, and chat away! Besides, your self-esteem is bound to be through the roof over the weekend, when Venus and Pluto makes a trine in your productivity sector.


Gemini energy is hovering over your routine and romance zones this week, Capricorn. You know what that means? Spend the first half of the week tackling anything that comes your way via straightforward communication. Spend the latter half on a wonderful date with your loved one.


Mercury moves into your pleasure zone—which stirs up some flirty vibes. It’s time to heat things up via sexy texts or dirty talk in the bedroom. Then, when Venus moves into Gemini, you’ll feel all romantic. Take a risk in love, Aquarius.


Family is going to be big this week, Pisces. But Venus and Pluto make a trine that entices you to hang out with friends. Talk about what’s going on at home; they may be able to help. Over the weekend, stay home. You’ll enjoy the alone time.

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