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6 Mindset Hacks To Beat Fear In Your Life

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you refuse to take risks even though you are attracted to somebody? Are you hiding from new opportunities in life?

The truth is that we can waste our lives by preventing ourselves by becoming the person we want to be.

A common occurance our lives is that we have untapped potential that we get in the way of.

The opinions of others is one of the big reasons we hold ourselves back. So here are seven ways to overcome the fear of the opinions of others and keep pushing forward.

1. Be prepared to be wrong

Be willing to be wrong in your search for the truth. It is perfectly acceptable to change your mind or update your opinions when presented with new information.

Staying stubborn in old beliefs for the sake of saving face will limit your mental growth.

2. Your Level Up Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. Many of your worries and struggles right now will likely be perceived in a completely different way 10 years from now. Failing today doesn’t mean you have lost. You are just a marathon runner that has hit their wall, and the second wind to the finish line is coming round the corner.

3. Focus On Your Intentions

Remember to value your true intention over the interpretation of your intentions by others. If you mean well but didn’t communicate well, then don’t feel bad about your actions if your intent was in the right place. Acknowledge that you need to improve your communication and move on. Otherwise, don’t let people tell you what your intentions are. If your intentions are good, hold on to that as a priority when you analyse your interactions in hindsight.

4. Prioritise the people who really matter

The only opinions of you that matter are the ones of those that truly know and love you because they have your best interests at heart when they give you advice or feedback. Otherwise, will likely pre judge you based on a surface level impression that can negatively impact your self esteem. The people who know you at your core know your heart. Keep your thoughts to what those people think, and disregard the opinions of outsiders.

5. Your Best Is More Than Enough

Your best should be enough for you. You wont always succeed in everything. And you are going to fall short of expectations people have of you at some point. You will even fall short of expectations you have of yourself.

There is a contentment that comes with knowing that you gave your all. It allows you to forgive yourself much easier if you don’t get the desired outcome. Even if your best is not enough for your school, job, audience, organization or somebody else. Your best has to be enough for you.

6. Change Your Priorities

Separate your higher frequency goals from lower frequency. The desire to be liked is a low-frequency goal. Prioritize speaking the truth whether people like it or not. Making an impact in the world and living a full life are also better priorities.

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