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April 2021 Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Written By Nina Kahn

The April full moon in Scorpio debuts on April 26, 2021 at 8:34pm PT, and it’s here to flood its powerful lunar light into all the darkest corners, cracks, and crevasses in our heart. As the year’s first supermoon, this lunation will put our deepest emotions on super blast—but this intense energetic purge can also cleanse our inner-slate, allowing for unimaginable transformations to take place.

It’s Taurus season, which means we’re all bathing in sensory pleasures and grounding ourselves in the physical realm. But this full moon in water sign Scorpio will turn our attention inward, plunging us deep into the complex seas of our soul. It’s time to brave the depths of our subconscious and get real about the feelings and fears that have been lurking in the shadows. And once you’re submerged in the murky waters of this Scorpionic lunation, swim with caution—as the moon will be positioned opposite to Uranus (the planet of unpredictable changes), which could weave some unexpected twists into this full moon web.

The sun and moon also form a loose T-square aspect with Saturn (planet of restrictions), which gives this lunation a serious and even somber edge. However, we can wield this tense energy and use it to courageously embrace our authenticity and face the skeletons in our closets head-on. Because it doesn’t matter how many secrets are revealed or what repressed fears crawl up to the surface. The Scorpio full moon reminds us that so long as we have the truth on our side, it can set us free.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes


Step away from the material world and let yourself explore beneath the surface, Aries. You’re feeling the vibrations of this lunation in the depths of your soul, and it’s shaking up all sorts of subconsciously held beliefs around love, money, and life. Embrace what works with your whole heart but release the rest so you can build a stronger foundation in its place.


It’s time to get real about your relationships and your willingness to be vulnerable within them, Taurus. Open your heart to the full spectrum of emotions that come along with being in a partnership, and trust in your ability to be authentic and intimate with others. But also have faith in your ability to set proper boundaries that keep your energy protected.


What’s demanding the majority of your energy on a daily basis, Gemini? And is there anything distracting you from doing something of more substance? This full moon in your house of routine asks you to examine how you’re spending your time and to let go of toxic habits that are inhibiting your growth. Pull the spokes out of your wheels and get moving.


What’s life without a little romance, passion, and joy, Cancer? Even lighthearted love affairs can take on an other-worldly depth for you under this lunation—and you’ll find that following your heart will lead you to discover exciting new parts of yourself. Life is offering you all the inspiration you need to turn even the most sour lemons into the sweetest lemonade.


This full moon will sail you into the heart of your past, Leo, bringing up long-lost memories or even catalyzing fresh perspectives on family feuds. If last-minute responsibilities or unexpected shifts at work might stretch your emotions thin, summon your inner strength to help you manage it all without neglecting the deep feelings that are begging for your acknowledgment.


With the full moon lighting up the communication sector of your chart, you might find that your day-to-day interactions take on new meaning. Don’t shy away from putting your feelings into words and speaking your truth. Your ideas are more powerful than you think. By sharing them, Virgo, you could set a transformational new adventure in motion.


Find ways to ensure that your physical surroundings support a healthy inner landscape, Libra. If money troubles or lingering relationship issues have been weighing down your energy, now’s a great time to face the music and start taking charge. Ground yourself by seeking out sensory experiences that help your body and spirit feel more interconnected.


The full moon has fixed its starry spotlight on you now, Scorpio. You’re alchemizing every part of yourself so that you can transform into something new—which means, letting go of anything standing between you and your growth… even if it was once meaningful. Cleanse yourself of old attachments so that, like a phoenix, you can rise from the ashes.


You’re always up for an adventure, Sagittarius—and this full moon in your ethereal twelfth house asks you to embark on more mystical explorations. Your dreams may feel more meaningful or powerful now, so pay attention to your intuition and trust your spider senses. Peel away the layers of reality to start revealing the mysterious magic at the core of it all.


Focusing on pragmatic goals comes easily to you, Capricorn… but how much energy are you devoting to your dreams and wishes? This full moon will light up your idealistic sense of wonder, hope, and fulfillment—and it’ll inspire you to connect with others who share the same vision of the future. Foster your friendships and open your heart to life-changing new connections.


You’re stepping into your authentic power at work now, Aquarius, as this full moon is shining in your house of career. It’s good to be stealthy about your goals, but there’s no need to be so clandestine about your end game that you lose the attention of your superiors. Keep your eye on the prize and be strategic about showing off your prowess.


This full moon is inspiring you to seek truth and meaning in all of your endeavors, so dive-deep into the Earth’s wealth of knowledge or fly high into the spiritual skies. You’re making soul-level breakthroughs, whether it’s in a classroom at school or on the astral realm via meditation. Right now, Pisces, you have the power and inspiration to achieve anything you set your mind to.


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