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How to Date and Find Love During A Quarantine

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. But online dating has exploded right now. The stigma is finally gone. With 48% of Americans, and 49.5% of Britons single and quarantined, people want to make new connections and have the time to do so.

Are people still dating these days?

Yes, depending on your countries quarantine rules, you can meet new dates in person within the appropriate guidelines and still have a great dating life as many are doing right now.

Even still, people are making amazing connections through the power of technology using FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype. Dating on video is easy, cheaper, faster, and a lot safer than meeting a stranger. The online date can remove a lot of pressure and doesn’t need to be too long.

Tips for video dating?

Use a well-lit spot in your house, utilizing natural light or a lamp above your device.

Make sure you act like it's a real date. Dress appropriately (at least from the waist up)

Don’t talk about the gloom and doom of Coronavirus. Have positive questions – have you learned something new about yourself? Have you picked up a new skill? What are you watching? Listening to? Stay positive, and be energetic. Energy and positivity radiate across a screen!

Avoid talking negatively about the coronavirus. Have positive questions - What have you learned about yourself lately? Do you have any new skills? New shows you can watch together? Music? Remember to be positive and energetic. It will radiate across a screen.


What happens after quarantine?

Hopefully, you’ve got a whole pipeline of people that you’ll have been FaceTiming with so that you have a bunch of people waiting to go out with you.

How to Prepare for life after quarantine?

Use this time as an opportunity to gain a pipeline of new people lining up to go out with you. The one is so close.

Get a psychic reading today to have your questions about life after quarantine answered.

We also don’t want you to waste your time on low-quality or hookup-focused dating apps. So our recommended place for finding good people is eHarmony (USA).


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